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In a competitive industry like Oil and Gas, you most likely have more on your plate than you can handle. Running your business in the most financially efficient way possible may not be on the forefront of your mind, but it is on ours. We’re dedicated to discovering opportunities as they arise, to help guide you and your company to it’s ultimate success. Our team of talented CPAs and professional staff are constantly on the hunt for new and better ways to not only save your money, but to increase your efficiency and maximize your results. This is more than just a matter of a tax return, this is your livelihood, your way of life and we understand what it takes to advise you effectively.


Whether your business is in the entrepreneurial stages or a well-developed entity our talented accountants and financial experts can provide a multitude of services to help best increase financial returns, stability, and ultimately a more successful environment for your business to grow and flourish in. Our professional staff are trained to look for and identify issues as soon as they arise. Proactive and Planning-Oriented tax strategies are our motto, and we’ve been successful in helping clients all over the world manage their businesses, personal finances, charities, and other entities allowing them all reach their maximum potential. (and of course safe some money in the process!)


Oil and Gas Accounting Services Tailor-made just for you!

Upstream and Downstream are general business terms referring to a company’s location in the supply chain. The closer to the end user a function or firm is, the further downstream it is said to be.


Upstream oil and gas operations identify deposits, drill wells and recover raw materials from underground. This sector also includes related services, such as rig operations, feasibility studies, machinery rental and extraction chemical supply. Many of the largest upstream operators are the major diversified oil and gas firms such as exxon-mobil.


Midstream operations link the upstream and downstream entities. Midstream operations mostly include resource transportation and storage, such as pipelines and gathering systems. Kinder Morgan is an example of a midstream firm.


Downstream operations include refineries and marketing. These services turn crude oil into usable products such as gasoline, fuel oils and petroleum-based products. Marketing services will help move the finished project from energy companies to retailers and end uses.


No matter where you’re located on the Oil supply chain, we can help you structure, organize and manage your business by providing advise and guidance when you need it most. You’ll feel confident knowing we’ve got your back, and with the plethora of services we offer, you never have to worry about going somewhere else. Our one-stop-shop set up allows us to provide all services to you, from start to finish. So sit back and relax while we help you be as successful as you can!


GLO CPAS can help in the following areas:

  • Business Planning and Growth
  • Accounting Management Services
  • Tax Return Preparation
  • Tax Planning Strategies
  • IRS Representation
  • IRS Dispute Resolution
  • Pension Plan Design
  • Management Consulting
  • Margin Tax
  • Litigation Support Services
  • Forensic Services

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