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Tax Debt Resolution, Debt Help

Tax penalties arise when taxes are paid late or not at all, and the penalties that ensure can easily double your tax liability. Fortunately there are methods that can be taken in order to remedy these penalties and get your finances back on track.


Penalty Abatement

Many people may not be informed that the IRS has a number of circumstances they called “Reasonable Cause Criteria for Penalty Abatement.” that may make you eligible for penalty relief in certain situations.


With the details of your particular case, we will be able to construct a unique plan to help tackle the issues you are facing with the IRS. All of our work is formulated and planned out very carefully for your company or personal individual needs. We know there is not one solution that could possibly cover everyone, and specialize in tailor-made solutions that will target your specific issues, whatever they may be. If you feel like your case could benefit from specialized and custom-made tax debt relief, GLO CPAs can help. An important part of tax debt relief is the abatement of IRS Penalties.


With many years of experience and a clear understanding of the IRS and its difficult penalty assessments, we can successfully work inside the IRS’s guidelines to deliver excellent tax debt help and services. Tax compliance isn’t always possible, regardless of our efforts to adhere to the nation’s tax codes and tax responsibilities and in certain case the IRS will consider abatement of the penalties. To someone inexperienced with how the IRS works, the criteria for abatement may not be clear and could come across as difficult and confusing. This is where GLO CPAs comes in. With experience and knowledge in the area and a dedication to customized strategies and plans, we’ll work hard to get you the best results.


How can GLO CPAs Help

When dealing with the IRS, your chances are limited and maximizing the potential for your request may be a tricky task if you’re unaware of what the IRS is looking for. It is extremely important that you utilize a trusted professional service firm that is knowledgeable in this area.


The first step to getting help with tax penalties is by determining whether or not your case may qualify for abatement from the IRS. Here are some circumstances in which abatement is eligible.

  • Reasonable Cause
  • Statutory Exceptions
  • Administrative Waivers
  • Correction of Service Error
  • Hazards of Litigation


We can help you identify where you may fit and advise you on how to take a step forward in achieving tax penalty abatement once you have determined that you are eligible. From there forward we’ll be able to help you every step of the way, until your tax debt and penalties have been resolved.

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