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Houston is known, for being a city of scientific innovation and now we will celebrate in conjunction with GLO the commissioning of the college of engineering. GLO is now a part of that tradition and will be forever known, as a company that helped maintain and evolve Houston’s economy by investing in its future, through supporting educational programs that will enhance the future of young individuals across the United States and will bring forth innovative careers that will change the world.

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Giving Season is the period leading up to the annual tax deadline for charitable giving, December 31. Waterstone can help gift appreciated assets. Let us help you tell the story of asset-based giving. We come alongside givers and their advisors to unlock the giving potential in their non-cash assets like real estate, business interests, oil & gas and agricultural commodities. Visit waterstone.org for more information.


Maureen Williams, the founder and CEO of Strategic Hourglass Solutions (SHS), started this company to provide a means to organize your personal information so you and/or your loved ones can find documents quickly and easily when the need arises. The catalyst for starting SHS was the tragic and sudden death of her 32-year-old nephew Shayne who died in a house fire.

Almost everything in Shayne’s house was either destroyed by the fire or covered in soot. Not only was his family dealing with the grief of losing him, but also the daunting task of settling his estate, a task made more difficult due to the condition of his personal records and possessions.

The result of this tragedy was the creation of the ‘Lifetime Legacy Planner’ and also the ‘Let’s Talk Legacy Series’ whereby SHS partners with other professionals to educate and inspire others to take action regarding their legacy. To order your Planner or learn more, go to: www.StrategicHourglassSolutions.com

“Because sooner or later, we all run out of time …”

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