Who We Are

GLO’s Story

GLO CPAs, LLLP is Certified Public Accounting firm that has been in business for over 40 years and is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. GLO helps clients with personal and/or business needs and we take pride in our clients. We build long-term relationships with clients aimed at creating high value, lasting relationships.

GLO has knowledge in many fields including: healthcare, oil and gas, natural resources, law, real estate, construction, biotechnology, retail, information technology and many more. GLO has a great team comprised of CPAs as well as a variety of financial specialists who want to help you reach your financial goals. There is no challenge too complex for our team. Bring it our way and we will help you every step of the way!

Founded in 1981 by W. Carl Glaw, Jr., GLO CPAs, LLLP was known as Glaw Brown & Company, P.C at the time. In 1985, the company was renamed Glaw & Company, and in 2000, Kevin Londergan joined the firm soon merging with O’Neal CPA group in 2004 and becoming GLO CPAs, LLLP.

Initially serving mostly health care professionals, GLO expanded to offer many different financial services. GLO Wealth Management was created to help clients with financial planning and expanded to dozens of industries.

GLO’s Pillars for Success

GLO’s tagline is “Creating High-Value Relationships” and that is an appropriate way to describe the way we view our work. We strive to be your trusted advisor. A trusted advisor is your partner not a vendor. We want to give you the best options for the challenges you face by deeply understanding your situation, being generous with our knowledge and expertise and anticipating your needs.

We have a nationwide team of experts that we use to evaluate and recommend the best options for you. We don’t offer canned solutions to problems, but craft solutions to fit you. These experts have decades of experience in fields such as insurance, law, banking, defined benefits, engineering and financial services.

The tax code and business environment are constantly changing and keeping up with these changes is vital. In addition to a robust team of experts, GLO is proud to invest in its people the resources needed to maintain their state-of-the-art knowledge. If a change is coming in the tax code, we’ve known about it from the beginning.

GLO is a values-based firm. We are very clear about who we are and what we believe. We don’t have a list of our values that we post online, but we want our clients to see how we live out our values. However, we’d love to chat over a cup of coffee and tell you about them. Some of our Values resources can be found here.

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