What We Do

We have some of the brightest clients a firm could want and we know that if they chose to, they could read through the morass of federal and state tax code and legal rulings and solve their own problems. But because they are so smart, they know their time is better spent taking care of their personal and business life and turning their challenges over to us.

W. Carl Glaw, CPA, CGMA
With years of experience, whatever your goals, GLO CPAs provides a solution that is
Our proactive mindset keeps us on our toes, moving beyond the tax return to provide solutions that stretch and grow as you do
Our team of experts is at your service

Here are some examples of what we’ve done

A physician wanted to set up his own practice and was referred to GLO for guidance.  We created his business entities, set up his accounting and payroll systems, created pro forma income statements, arranged financing, and set up asset protection plans for him.  We also do his taxes.

An oil field services company uses GLO for asset management, employee retention credits, payroll protection plan applications and entity creation.  We handle the minute books for their entities as well as franchise and income taxes for personal and business entities.  We also create and manage defined benefits for the company.

A successful CEO of a large non-profit is planning his retirement and asked GLO to help with asset protection for his family.  In addition to the peace of mind created, we also saved him and his family a lot of money.

A retiree who was scammed out of her retirement by unethical evil do’ers and another who made bad decisions regarding her retirement nest egg are examples of difficult cases that GLO helped with.  We don’t shy away from complicated problems if it is the right thing to do.

All of these are examples of the work that GLO does. 
Below is a partial list. If your problem isn’t on the list, give us a call.

We’re here to help

Federal, Business & Individual Taxes

State Including Franchise Taxes

Payroll Taxes

Detailed Audits

IRS Representation & Dispute Resolution

Accounting System Design & Implementation

Accounting Services

Business Planning & Growth Strategies

Risk Management Advice

Investment/Education Cost Planning

Estate Planning

Charitable Gift Planning

Asset Protection Planning

Business Valuation, Mergers & Acquisitions

Entity Creation

Pension Plan Design & Administration

Litigation Support

Forensic Accounting

Engineered Cost Segregation

Political Action Committee & Campaign Reporting

Updating Minutebooks

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