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As many of you know Linda and I were totally wiped out. We were part of the “no notice” flooding by the army corp of engineers barker/addicts dam release. We are in city council District G. There are 11 in total. This district produces 45% of total city county and schools taxes. The valuations are 1/3 of what there were pre-flood. How are the taxing districts going to make ends meet? When will Linda and I be able to get back in our home?

Please see the message below from congressman John Culberson and sign the petition.

In Congress, I am fighting every single day to get Harvey relief funding for the people of Houston so we can rebuild in the wake of this terrible tragedy. It’s been an uphill battle, but we’re making progress.

But the Democrats haven’t been helpful, particularly Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and his endless efforts to stop legislation proposed by Republicans.

Yet, Senator Schumer came to Houston this weekend to raise money all while holding Harvey relief funds hostage.

And he’s not the only liberal fundraising in our communities instead of working to help them. Nancy Pelosi is headlining a fundraiser next month in Harris County as well.

On Friday, I once again called on Senator Schumer stop his blockade against Hurricane Harvey Relief legislation. I implored him to visit our communities while he’s in Houston raising money so he may finally see that too many people are still struggling.

We’ve known for a while just how out of touch these two are, but to fundraise in our backyard while bottlenecking important legislation designed to help victims of Harvey is insulting.

The House passed the $81 billion hurricane relief bill last month. Relief is long overdue. It’s time to pass the bill.

Join me today and let’s send Pelosi and Schumer a very clear message: stop holding Harvey aid hostage! Sign our petition to tell Schumer to stop blocking Hurricane Harvey relief funding.

John Culberson

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