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All, please see the great events in May related to the College of Engineering. Much to be thankful for!!
As I was recollecting some of my recent HBU memories this morning, I came to observe a pattern of Memories and Miracles in May as seen below:
• May 28, 2015 Dr. Sloan began a small group discussion about the possibility of a COE at HBU.
• May 25, 2016 a Board Committee made a recommendation to our Advisory Board and HBU to begin a search for a Founding Dean for the new COE.
• May 2, 2017, Dr. Stan Napper was introduced to our Board and HBU as our Founding Dean
• May ?, 2018, I believe our Founding Faculty will be complete with the addition of Dr. Melissa Carlton.
• May ?, 2022, our first graduating class! (following the addition of several more faculty members and facilities – not necessarily in May)
Thank you, Ron Harrell for sharing this!!

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