Tax Reform – April

S Corporation Fringe Benefits after the Recent Tax Reform Fringe benefits are usually a good thing—but there’s a catch when you own more than 2 percent of an S corporation. The good news? Federal tax law allows the cost of these fringes as deductible expenses for your S corporation. The bad news? You, the shareholder-employee […]

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Phase 2 of Tax Reform

Federal Tax Day – Weekly Report from Washington, D.C.,(Mar. 19, 2018) The Trump administration and House Republicans are working on a “phase-two” of tax reform. Additionally, an IRS reform bill is expected to be released from the House Ways and Means Committee in the coming weeks. A Ways and Means spokesperson told Wolters Kluwer that

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Tax Reduction Series–February

Yes, Tax Reform Did Kill Prospect and Client Meal Deductions You likely have heard conflicting information on the deductibility of business meals with clients and prospects. I have spent time researching this issue, and my conclusion is that tax reform eliminated tax deductions for business meals with clients and prospects. Before enactment of the Tax

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Tax Reduction Series–January

Tax Reform: Will Section 199A Phase In or Phase Out Your 20 Percent Deduction? If your pass-through business is an in-favor business and it qualifies for tax reform’s new 20 percent tax deduction on qualified business income, you benefit at all times, including being above, below, or in the expanded wage and property phase-in range.

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Tax-Saving Tips-December

Home Office with More Than One Business The office-in-the-home deduction produces good-to-excellent tax savings by turning personal house expenses into business deductions. Additionally, it enables you to deduct big vehicle expenses by eliminating nondeductible commuting mileage. But to qualify for the home-office deduction, you must use the office exclusively for the business or businesses for

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Tax Reduction Series–December

Leave it to the IRS and the courts to make business mileage rules as difficult as possible. The rules get particularly complex if you drive both inside and outside your “metropolitan area.” Oh, and by the way, your metropolitan area isn’t what you think it is. Confused? I’m not surprised, but don’t worry. I’ll cure

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Business Mileage: Beware of IRS Assertions of Metropolitan Area

Business Mileage: Beware of IRS Assertions of Metropolitan Area The IRS has ruled that you “may deduct daily transportation expenses incurred in going between your residence and a temporary work location outside the metropolitan area where you live and normally work.” In this favorable ruling, you find two possible impediments: Temporary work location Metropolitan area

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Tax Reduction Series–November

In this Issue: Key Tax Facts and Scenarios Entertainment Tax Deductions Look Fishy John Henry is engaged in an IRS audit, and he has a big problem with his entertainment deductions. John’s first visit with the IRS was unsatisfactory. He did not have any proof of his entertainment costs. The auditor allowed him to return

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